Hearing protection

There are two types of hearing protectors:

What are disposable hearing protectors?

Disposable hearing protectors are made of foam and are suitable for one-off use. One-off means: At the end of the day or after an event, they should be disposed of. The foam becomes sticky because of sweat and ear wax and can no longer guarantee proper protection. They are washable, but even this cannot guarantee continuous insulation. In addition, dirt is pressed into the foam’s interior, making it thinner by applying pressure, which is then an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. If they are inserted into the ear canal when used again, this can lead to ear infections!

What are reusable hearing protectors?Was ist ein wiederverwendbarer Gehörschutz?

Reusable hearing protectors – also called multi-way hearing protectors – are not made of foam, but of silicone or Thermo Rubber Plast etc. Their surface is made of rubber and can be cleaned very easily under running water with soap. The surface does not absorb dirt particles and does not lose elasticity.

Even reusable hearing protectors cannot be used indefinitely. They should be cleaned after use and stowed in the packaging supplied so as to protect them from dirt and sunlight.

Over time, the material becomes fragile, cracks or hardens. Due to this, it loses its protective function and the protectors have to be replaced. Their service life ranges from weeks to months depending on whether they are used on a daily basis or just now and then.