SaveRave MR10 Eco

The versatile hearing protectors

SaveRave MR10 Eco is a reusable hearing protector and can be cleaned under running water. The high-quality product is made of TPR (Thermo Plast Rubber), which makes it smooth and extremely comfortable to wear.

The lamella tip has an air cushion on the inside, which feels pleasant when placed in the ear canal. While the air cushion does not impair hearing, the person wearing the hearing protectors is optimally protected.

The SaveRave MR10 Eco protectors can be manufactured in Pantone colours if more than 2,000 pairs are ordered. The colour of the grip may differ from the colour of the lamella. This means you can also display your own company colours on the SaveRave hearing protectors.

The grip is manufactured in such a way that a neck cord can also be retrofitted by the user.

The SaveRave MR10 Eco protectors are available ex warehouse in standard colours and can, therefore, also be purchased in quantities of less than 2,000 pairs. In addition to the standard colours, there are often other colour variants of the lamella available, since the exact ordered quantity is delivered respectively. As a result, the different colours are usually produced in surplus. These are on request and without guarantee respectively.

The SaveRave products are ideal for concerts and events, because you can hear with them despite noise protection. So using hearing protection during concert or a racing event will be quite an experience.

Standard colours (lamella/grip)e/Griff)

  • Red/white
  • Black/black
  • Black/white
  • Blue/white

Special colour as standard in 2020

Possible packaging

PillowpackSlitPackFlatCase FlatCase XLRoundCaseSteelcaseAlu Tube