Different types of packaging for the hearing protectors

Packaging is twice as important: on the one hand, attractive hearing protector packaging additionally increases the value of the product because it has additional individual branding. On the other hand, packaging offers important protection for the actual giveaway, the hearing protectors.

The packaging differs in material and therefore in quality:

Plastic, tin and aluminium packaging are very durable and serve their purpose well as long-lasting advertising media. In addition, sustainability is also guaranteed here, since the packaging can be used for a long period time, while only the hearing protectors need to be replaced.

Cardboard packaging has the advantage that printing with colour gradients or images is easier to do than with other types of packaging. In terms of price, this type of packaging is cheaper. It is advisable to use cardboard packaging with disposable hearing protectors – otherwise reusable hearing protectors that can still be worn are unnecessarily disposed of due to the damaged packaging, which has neither economical nor ecological benefits.

Tipp: Match the appropriate packaging with your advertising ideas and the requirements of your target group.