Hearing protectors as an ideal advertising medium

Our environment, everyday life and work as well as leisure activities are becoming louder and louder – and more annoying or even harmful to health. Optimal hearing protection solutions ensure better quality of life and health protection. But yesterday was boring: SaveRave and EasyPlug make hearing protection a lifestyle product. For events, concerts, open-air events, parties, motorsports events, work, hobbies, travelling, sleeping …

Get the right sound! With your own logo on the hearing protector packaging, you as a sponsor will be remembered positively by every guest.

Have you heard of the advantages we offer?

We make sure that your sponsorship appearance is a resounding one

Often, visitors are given free hearing protectors at events, concerts, open air events, parties, motorsports events etc. (if not required by law).

These days, hearing protectors are no longer just earplugs. You cannot go wrong with SaveRave and EasyPlug hearing protectors as promotional items, as they are UNISEX products that protect your hearing from being damaged.

The SaveRave hearing protectors leave nothing to be desired, whether this be the design, comfort or optimal hearing protection. You will not have to do without good listening quality. Therefore, the hearing protectors are an ideal companion at every event and ensure a positive image as an advertising medium.

SaveRave and EasyPlug transform the high-quality hearing protectors into first-class advertising media. The company colours are adopted 1:1, thus guaranteeing corporate identity.

On top of that: A logo can even be printed on the SaveRave MR10 Sport protectors‘ grip area!

Should your brand literally become one with your target groups? Then our hearing protection products are just the thing!

SaveRave MR10 Sport protectors

The grip area of the reusable SaveRave MR10 Sport hearing protectors can be printed on. This means that the sponsor’s logo will be visible when being worn too.

SaveRave MR10 Eco protectors

The reusable SaveRave MR10 Eco hearing protectors have a slightly longer grip than the MR10 Sport ones and a neck cord can be added at any time.

SaveRave MR13 protectors

The reusable SaveRave MR13 hearing protectors are slightly shorter than the SaveRave MR10 Eco ones and have a somewhat smarter grip. A neck cord cannot be retrofitted afterward

EasyPlug protectors

The disposable hearing protectors made of foam are slightly conical in shape allowing for the foam plug to be used in smaller ear canals.

Sustainability in effect and durability

Sustainability is also important for hearing protection. Our hearing protectors are reusable and packed in a durable storage box.

If the hearing protectors and the storage box are made with customers‘ colours and printed with their logo, the giveaway then becomes a valuable lifestyle product.