Areas of application


Nowadays, legal regulations exist for events that oblige the organizer to provide free hearing protection. These hearing protectors are usually financed by sponsors such as banks, insurance companies, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, beverage manufacturers or (regional) companies. The SaveRave and EasyPlug hearing protectors not only offer a high level of protection, but also an optimal advertising space thanks to various packaging options.

Home work / Hobby

Leisure time is for relaxing and recharging - there should be no room for noise here! While passionate DIY enthusiasts and do-it-yourself gardeners can live out their passion, it is important to protect their hearing. SaveRave hearing protection is the perfect companion for home, gardening, remodeling or other noisy jobs that occur in and around your own home.


Motor sports without deafening noise? What would races be without the roar of the powerful engines that provide excitement and that unique feeling! This makes it all the more important for the organizer to provide hearing protectors. Usually these are financed by sponsors. Potential sponsors are often banks, insurance companies, suppliers, car, motorcycle and lubricant manufacturers. SaveRave and EasyPlug hearing protectors are the ideal promo item for protection and advertising.

Water Sports / Buoyancy Protection

The ear canal suffers especially from water penetration, which can lead to inflammation and pain. Jumping into the water is dangerous, especially if the jump is faulty or unintentional. Hitting the water surface can rupture or even burst the eardrum! There is always a high risk with extreme water sports such as water skiing or river rafting. Unforeseen falls at high speeds are almost normal. The risk of eardrum perforation is therefore very high. SaveRave hearing protection is ideal for all types of water sports and emphasizes the quality and safety awareness of the providers.


Travel and stays in hotels - whether for business or pleasure - are always accompanied by annoying noises, from arrival to stay: a snoring neighbor on the plane, screaming children on the train, booming street noise, unexpected renovations in the hotel. To relax, people like to do a few laps in the hotel pool, go to a concert or dance the night away in the local club.
SaveRave or EasyPlug are an ideal surprise to go with or instead of the sweets on the pillows. It is also appreciated at the lobby if the host also thinks of details. With the logo on the packaging, advertising is automatically carried to the world and other visitors are motivated to visit this hotel.

Work in the home office

Home office is becoming more and more an issue, also schooling from home. Children playing always create noise, not necessarily harmful, but disturbing noise. At the same time, parents should be able to do home office and concentrate.
SaveRave is comfortable to wear, brings quiet to work, but is still not isolated. The SaveRave is designed so that despite protection, discreet hearing is still possible.

Sleep protection

Restful sleep is vital - not least because we spend around a third of our lives in bed. Snoring from our partner, street noise or restless sleeping during the day due to shift work have a significant impact on our health and quality of life. Noise is a cause of stress, which has a long-term effect on mood and concentration.
EasyPlug, the foam hearing protector with the conical tip, fits snugly into the ear canal and does not interfere when you sleep on your side with your ear resting on the pillow. The soft foam does not create any pressure points in the process.


There are not only libraries or schools with book collections. Public places like hotels or restaurants also offer their guests interesting and free reading on site.
Reading and silence belong together like siblings. But where there are people, there is also noise - and this is usually disturbing.
SaveRave hearing protection is not only a good advertising medium, it also brings the reader the desired peace and quiet to immerse themselves in the reading material.