Tin can

The tin can (Steelcase) is not only a sustainable product, but can also be reused as packaging for other items, spreading the promotional message over a longer period of time. At the end, the tin can can be returned to the recycling circuit to be melted down and reused for other purposes.

Although the black can is printed with ink, branding is recommended only with pad printing. Due to the different colors of the background, engraving is not ideal.

The legally required product information is affixed to a removable sticker.



Height / height

13 mm

ø Body / body

47 mm

Print area

40 mm

Pressure range

beidseitig / both side

Colors / color

schwarz, silber / black, silver


0.0010 kg / pcs / pcs

Country of manufacture / manufactur


Delivery time / delivery time

ab 4 Wochen / from 4 weeks

Inch No. / HS code



Standard colors: silver, black