Hearing protection

Disposable hearing protection

Our disposable hearing protection is made of high quality foam and is designed for one-time use. After a day or an event, it should be disposed of, as the foam can stick together due to sweat and earwax and thus no longer provide the correct protection.

Although the hearing protection is washable, this may not help to maintain the attenuation in the long term. In addition, squeezing the foam can cause debris to get inside, which is an ideal environment for bacteria. When reused, these bacteria can enter the ear canal and cause inflammation in the inner ear.

To avoid these problems, we offer a sustainable alternative: our reusable hearing protection. Made of durable materials, it can be used multiple times and ensures constant attenuation. It is also easy to clean and does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

With our reusable hearing protection, you not only protect your hearing, but also the environment and reduce the risk of inner ear infections.

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Reusable hearing protection

Our reusable hearing protection, also known as reusable hearing protection, is not made of foam, but of high quality Thermo Rubber Plast. The surface is rubbery and can be easily cleaned under running water with soap. Unlike foam, the surface does not absorb dirt particles and retains its stretchability.

It is important to note that even a reusable hearing protector cannot be used indefinitely. After each use, it should be cleaned and stored in the packaging provided to protect it from dirt and sunlight. Over time, the material may lose its elasticity, crack or harden. This impairs the protective function and the hearing protector must be replaced.

The life of the hearing protector may vary depending on use. With little use it can last several months, while with daily use it should be replaced after a few weeks.

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