Hearing protection

There are two types of hearing protection:

What is a disposable hearing protector?

The disposable hearing protection is made of foam and is suitable for one-time use. One-time use means that it should be disposed of after one day or one event. The foam sticks together due to sweat and earwax and can thus no longer guarantee the correct protection. It can be washed off, but even this does not help to ensure continued insulation. In addition, the dirt is pushed into the inner area of the foam by being pressed thinner, which is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria. These are introduced into the ear canal when reused and can lead to inner ear infections!

What is reusable hearing protection?

The reusable hearing protection - also called reusable hearing protection - is not made of foam, but of silicone or Thermo Rubber Plast etc.. The surface is made of rubber and can be cleaned very well under running water and with soap. The surface thus does not absorb the dirt particles and also has no loss in stretchability.

Even a reusable hearing protector cannot be used forever. It should be cleaned after use and stored in the supplied packaging so that it is protected from dirt and sunlight.

The material becomes lame, cracked or hardened over time. Thus, the protective function is impaired and the hearing protector must be replaced. The service life can last for months with little use and weeks with daily use.