Plastic, sheet metal and aluminum packaging

Plastic, sheet metal and aluminum packaging are extremely durable and serve as effective advertising media over a long period of time. In addition, they contribute to sustainability as they can be reused while only the hearing protection is to be replaced.

Flat plastic box

The flat plastic tin Standard is the most commonly used packaging for SaveRave. It offers an inner holder so that the SaveRave can be positioned and presented attractively.


Flat plastic box XL

The flat plastic can XL is without inner holder. It is especially suitable for large logos, for the SaveRave hearing protection with a neck cord and for the EasyPlug hearing protection.


Round plastic box

The round plastic box stands out thanks to its modern shape. It is suitable for EasyPlug and SaveRave hearing protection. It has space for hearing protection with a cord.



The SmartBox in the size of the XL box, smarter shaped and with inner holder, but also usable for the EasyPlug hearing protection or SaveRave with cord.


Tin can

The tin can (Steelcase) as a sustainable product can also be used as packaging for other items at any time, thus spreading the advertising message over a longer period of time.


Aluminium container

The aluminum container is a high quality packaging. It is covered with an anodized layer on the outside and inside, which provides sealing and ensures hygiene.

Aluminum Container

Cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging has the advantage that it is easier to print color gradients or images than other packaging. If the quantity is 3,000 pieces or more, this option is found in the favorable segment in terms of price. It makes sense to use cardboard packaging in combination with a disposable hearing protector to avoid unnecessary disposal of intact reusable hearing protectors due to damaged packaging. This makes neither economic nor ecological sense.

Pillow pack

The cushion pack for hearing protection is the classic packaging. This packaging variant made of cardboard can be printed with offset printing on both sides, including the side flaps.


Pillow pack EU

The cushion pack for hearing protection is the classic packaging. This type of packaging made of cardboard or stone paper, which is made without wood and paper and can be printed with offset printing on both sides of the full surface, including the side flaps.


Cushion pack XL

As soon as instructions for use are to be included in the cushion pack, the standard size is no longer sufficient. For this purpose, the XL cushion pack solution made of cardboard is ideal: it can be filled with instructions for use in four languages and 1 pair of hearing protectors.



Like the pillow packs, the SlitPack packaging is made of cardboard and impresses with its shape and elegance.
The cardboard is printed on both sides with offset printing and can take color gradients into account.


Tip: Match the appropriate packaging with your promotional ideas and the needs of your target audience.