The SmartBox is an extremely versatile plastic box. It has an inner holder to securely place a SaveRave hearing protection or the Easyplug. At the same time, it offers enough space to store a cord.

The unique shape of the SmartBox makes it a real eye-catcher. For a personal touch, the SmartBox can optionally be supplemented with a practical key chain. It is the only box besides the round box model that is available in a completely transparent design.

The legally required product information is shown on a removable sticker.




47 x 38 / 30 x 16mm

Print area

33/24 x 37 mm

Pressure range

beidseitig / both side

Weight / weight

0.005 Kg / pcs / pcs

Accessories / accessories

keychain / ring | keychain / ring

Standard colours

transparent / translucent

Colors in Pantone / color in PMS

From 2000 pcs / pcs

Country of manufacture / manufactur


Delivery time / delivery time

ab 4 Wochen / from 4 weeks

Inch No. / HS code