The hearing protection as an ideal
advertising medium

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Hearing protection as an ideal advertising medium

The environment, everyday life and work as well as leisure activities are becoming increasingly noisy - and more disturbing or even harmful to health. Optimal hearing protection solutions ensure a better quality of life and health protection. But boring was yesterday: SaveRave and EasyPlug turn hearing protection into a lifestyle product . For events, concerts, open airs, parties, motor sports events, work, hobbies, travel, sleep ...

Hearing protection products

Make sure you set the right tone! With your own logo on the hearing protection packaging, you as a sponsor will be positively remembered by every guest.

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Have you heard about our advantages?

We ensure a loud sponsoring appearance

Often, visitors to events, concerts, open airs, parties, motor sport events etc. are given free hearing protection. Hearing protection is often given free of charge to visitors at events, concerts, parties, motor sport events, etc. (if not required by law).

Hearing protection is no longer just an earplug. You can't go wrong with a SaveRave and EasyPlug hearing protector as a promotional item, as it is a UNISEX product that protects against hearing damage.

The SaveRave hearing protection leaves nothing to be desired. Be it in terms of design, wearing comfort or optimum hearing protection, without having to compromise on hearing quality. The hearing protection is therefore an ideal companion at any event and ensures a positive image as an advertising medium.

SaveRave and EasyPlug transform the high-quality hearing protectors into first-class advertising media. The company colors are adopted 1:1, thus ensuring the corporate identity.

And: SaveRave MR10 Sport can even be printed with a logo on the grip surface!

Do you want your brand to be inextricably linked to your target audience?

We ensure a loud sponsoring appearance

Sustainability in effect and permanence

Our SaveRave hearing protectors are made of high quality materials specifically designed for use in the ear canal. This allows us to ensure optimal protection and wearing comfort.

To promote the sustainability of our products, we offer both hearing protectors and storage cans made of recycled plastic, metal or aluminum. These reusable products are durable and can be reused, resulting in a long service life.

By using high-quality materials and allowing reuse, our SaveRave hearing protectors and storage cans contribute to sustainability. They offer a long duration of use, reducing the need for disposable products.