Aluminium container

The aluminium container is a high-quality hearing protection packaging. It is covered with an anodised layer on the outside and inside, which provides sealing and ensures hygiene.

As the aluminium container is coloured with an anodised layer, it cannot be produced according to Pantone. However, this packaging is perfectly suitable for engraving.

It is possible to print on this aluminium packaging, whereby the printing ink is scraped off by friction such as keys. This does not happen with engraving: the aluminium container does get scratched over time due to normal wear and tear, but the engraved logo remains in place and visible, even after years. And: the scratch marks of everyday life do not cause the aluminium container to lose its value, as this gives it the trendy "retro effect".

The legal product information is shown with a removable sticker.



Height / height

13 mm

ø Body / body

47 mm

Print area

40 mm

Pressure range

beidseitig / both side

Colors / color

schwarz, silber / black, silver


0.0010 kg / pcs / pcs

Country of manufacture / manufactur


Delivery time / delivery time

ab 4 Wochen / from 4 weeks

Inch No. / HS code



Standard colors: red, blue, black, silver, gold, green, purple

Special colors in stock : Black, Blue/Silver