Round plastic box

The round plastic can is characterized by its modern shape and usually comes with a transparent body.

There is a possibility of coloring the can in Pantone colors, but the character of a hearing protection can is somewhat lost if the body is not transparent, the product would no longer be visible in the packaging.

The lid is always supplied in color mostly black, from 2'000 pcs the lid can be colored in the colors of the customer logo.

To give the packaging a further personal touch in addition to the logo print, the tin can optionally be supplemented with a practical key chain.




60 mm


18 mm

Can body

33 mm

Print area

14 x 34 mm

Pressure range

beidseitig / both side

Weight / weight

0.0034 Kg / pcs / pcs

Accessories / accessories

keychain / ring | keychain / ring

Standard colors body

transparent / translucent

Standard colors cover

black | black

Colors in Pantone / color in PMS

From 2000 pcs / pcs

Country of manufacture / manufactur


Delivery time / delivery time

ab 4 Wochen / from 4 weeks

Inch No. / HS code